Frequently Asked Questions  

What is this part of the site all about?

Imagine you can view businesses - their products and services - in video form, with photography, other imagery, as well as brochures or other written information... that`s just what you`ll find in the Business District, where all categories of business (of any size) present consumers with a real view into their business. Businesses and individuals advertise and publicize themselves for free by uploading video, photography and/or other images, and business/product descriptions to make their advertising virtual and real; submissions are accepted from all commonly available formats. Logos appearing at the top left of the page link to the displayed business` website.

Consumers browse the business listings, and businesses compete on an experiential playing field. Businesses who would like to advertise for free should click on the Join Other Virtual Businesses button (you will need to register), select from one of the business districts (either the Proffessional Services, Shopping, Health & Fitness, Home, Family & Education or Art, Entertainment & Travel), and choose the category within which you would like your business to be displayed and viewed.

Users view the advertising by entering one of the business districts and selecting a category. Businesses with uploaded videos, photos, profile descriptions contact informations and links to their URL’s will be listed and can be selected and viewed. The Search Advanced function can also be used to locate any business by category. To view all businesses, click on View Businesses.

What makes this site unique?

Just one of the elements of this site which differentiates it is the ability of advertisers to showcase their business in action (via the video upload) as opposed to simply viewing a static advertisement or line listing in a print or online directory. Our site gives users a better view into the displayed business and is similar to a television commercial and a whole lot easier to book and update. And even very small businesses can appear because they can upload photos and video and essentially advertise their business online for free.

What are the Advertising or Payment Plans?

Right now, all businesses -- whether it`s a one-person show or a large company -- can advertise online for free and link directly to your website. Simply select the Join Other Virtual Businesses button and, after you`ve logged in or registered, select the Free plan in the business plan section.

I have a business I want to advertise but don’t see a category in any of your business districts that my business fits into…

Please contact the 247 business district team by sending an email to CUSTOMER SERVICE. We’ll take a look at the category you would like added and absolutely include it on our list of business categories (in the Proffessional Services, Shopping, Health & Fitness, Home, Family & Education or Art, Entertainment & Travel) if it’s appropriate to do so.

What if I want to place a banner or button ad/link on your site?

By all means! We are committed to providing you with a speedy, secure and efficient process to get your banner or button advertising viewed globally. Click on the Advertise On Our Site button at the top of the page and select the page on which you would like your banner or button ad to appear. Your next task will be to select your desired ad size and its position on the page, which will prompt the upload page and all the tools needed to upload your banner ad. Please select your desired advertising category, file type and plan,  and proceed to our secure checkout. Links to your website are provided for all Advertising Plans. Monthly rates are extremely low because we believe everyone, not just the big guys, should be able to market and promote themselves.

I see that the banner ads change position on the page each time I click or refresh the page?

All Banner and Button Ads rotate with other ads for the same position. Rotating Button Ads shift positions on the page each time the page is refreshed. An ad may start in the highest position on the page, move to the lowest position - just as a wheel rotates, rotate off the page and then back on as the wheel continues, and your ad makes its way back to the top button position. Ads will be uploaded based on position and location availability, and at the sole discretion of the site administration only. The administration will determine the number of ads available in each category and the types of files which will be accepted based on advertising plans and ad position.


What file formats banner artwork can I upload?

Bannertising supported the following file types: Jpeg; Gif; Flv (flash Video); SWF (without sound); Png and Animated Gif.

What video file formats can I upload?

Pretty much anything. Upload a Flash video, MPEG-4 (.mp4). WMV files should also work, as should H.264, RealMedia plus many others. Unfortunately, Quick Player does not have full screen capability like most players so you should consider using files other than .mov, .avi and .qt which play exclusively on Quick Player.

Just don’t forget to enter the title while the file is uploading.

I am an advertiser… how do I view the files I’ve submitted?

Once your photos, video and business description have been loaded, a prompt in "My Account" will enable you to view your uploads. There is also an edit feature (select my video/photo/write-up) which enables advertisers to change uploaded video, images, descriptions and URL destinations. 

I`m having difficulty viewing the photos I`ve uploaded. What should I do?

The most likely problem is that the photo files you uploaded are too large. We encourage you to upload smaller files. They`ll upload more easily and will be downloaded and available for viewing by users more quickly. (In general, the smaller the photo file, the more ease with which uploading and downloading will occur. Smaller files will also solve the problem of fragmented or distorted photos.)

I`ve uploaded all the files to showcase my business but the written file (WORD, P.P. PDF) is not appearing?

Most likely the written file is not appearing because you did not name your file in the "Write Up Heading" box during your upload. You need to log in to your account, go into the edit function and fill in that box with a file name (the file name will not appear to users, only to you in your account information).

I am trying to view the video of a showcased business but I would like to see it larger?

Right click on your mouse and select the zoom feature.

Help, my computer doesn’t play or view the file. Help, the color of the video image doesn`t seem right and/or the image is distorted!

Below are direct links to several programs that can be used to play music or view video and images. When you click on the download button, it will take you to the corresponding site and you proceed to download from there.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP allows you to manage your digital media: music, photos, and video on your computer; explore a new world of music through the integrated URGE music service; and connect with mobile devices so you can have your digital media collection wherever you want it. Windows Media Player 11 is designed to work with all versions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 including Windows XP Home Edition N and Windows XP Professional N. Free. DOWNLOAD

Quick Time Player

QuickTime is Apple`s technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and 360-degree virtual reality scenes. Download the Standalone QuickTime Player for free. DOWNLOAD


Or use RealPlayer`s download to watch videos, listen to music online, set up a music library. DOWNLOAD

Macromedia Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player enables users to view and interact with content created with Macromedia Flash DOWNLOAD.  Shockwave Player displays content created with Macromedia`s Director program, supporting 3D product simulations and online entertainment DOWNLOAD.

DivX Player

DivX for Windows is another option for creating and playing videos. DOWNLOAD


Media-Convert is a free service that converts files, video, images, documents without having to install the software on your computer. CLICK HERE


I`m trying to register but the town where I live isn`t listed. What should I do?

Select the closest city to you and insert the zip code for your town.

I am doing a search but the town I`m looking for is not listed. What should I do?








Do your search using the zip code feature instead, or choose the closest city.







Help, I forgot my password!

Submit your email address and your password will be emailed back to you immediately.

How can I contact 24/7?

Use our Contact Us email link. Please note that we will respond to your email within 48 hours. If you have problems, questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us know. Your feedback helps us improve our site and our service.

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